(Founder of Envision Pictures, Lucas Roelen)


Lucas Roelen is a young, industrious actor, producer, writer, and filmmaker from San Diego, California. He has already produced his own mini-series, an award-winning short film, multiple other short films that have garnered thousands of views, and a writer for multiple feature films in development all at the age of 20. Lucas is now expanded to create, Envision Pictures, where he is on the mission to develop content that will not only tell compelling narratives but bring fresh perspectives into the feature film and streaming marketplace that isn't otherwise being developed through traditional studio systems.



Envision Pictures is a media development and production company based in San Diego, California. The company's focus is bridging the gap between independent filmmaking and generating the interest studio system films create with certain types of scripts that have a potential mass-market appeal that can be shot for a moderate budget. Additionally, the purpose of this company is to direct filmmakers, producers, distributers, studios, and the overall industry to create more work in San Diego.


Envision's flagship business model and competitive edge are going to be in acquiring/creating terrific scripts that have mass-market appeals that can be developed at a low to moderate budgets ($100k-$15m) such as comedies, teenage-coming-of-age, and young adult-adventure films, romantic comedies, and any other film that wouldn’t otherwise be taken up by a larger studio due to financial risk. However, we are open to taking on other scripts that could reach a unique audience as well as be able to be shot for the targeted budget reach.


The market served by Envision Picture’s content will be the teens (13-18) and young adults (18-30) as this is the demographic that buys the most movie tickets. Additionally, this demographic uses social media the most, so the unique and interesting content we create is made for this audience to have something to share with friends/followers, in turn, creating a unique marketing advantage other studios/companies are filling.


The major goals and achievements that Envision Pictures aims to attain are to obtain rights to a variety of screenplays for select feature films and mini-series show that are in the ready-to-shoot stages of development.


Envision Pictures is in the development and establishing phases of business. In this phase, the company's primary objective is to focus on creating initial content for the targeted audience and doing research on those results to find the best niche before expanding to new forms of media. Additionally, the company is actively seeking additional creative players and contacts to expand distribution channels and overall growth.

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